Community Involvement

We care about our community.

  • Tackling water poverty in one of the world’s most forgotten countries. Provides clean, lasting water for everyone in the Central African Republic.

    Each night a patient boards we donate 10 weeks of clean water for one person!

  • Destiny Rescue is a Christian-based, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. We sell jewelry at our front reception desk to help raise money.

  • 2nd Mile Missions is breaking the cycle of poverty by providing education, healthcare, nutrition and spiritual enrichment to children in the Dominican Republic.

  • We have recently donated to the annual “coats for kids” program. It provides new winter coats, gloves and hats to needy children and victims of abuse throughout Indiana.

  • This Christmas we are “adopting” a couple of less fortunate teenagers this year. We hope it brings happiness to them this holiday season!

  • Kutoa project is a non-profit that works specifically with Kenyan youth and fostering their development through therapeutic services. They try to provide a safe environment where youth can come as they are and be restored through the power of Jesus Christ.

You have been great! It was very scary moving and trying a new vet after we had been with our old vet for such a long time. Dr. Ewert is great! Our dogs have had so many health issues and she has really come up with ideas and different care. We are very happy with Community Animal Hospital!