Let your pet feel at home.

We want your pet to feel at home while you are out of town or on vacation. We offer spacious kennels or luxury boarding suites for dogs. We provide bedding so there is no need to bring their’s from home. CAH provides nutritious meals for their stay but sudden diet changes may cause diarrhea or inappetance so you are encouraged to bring their regular diet.

The dogs are let outside a minimum of 4 times a day. If the weather is bad there is also an indoor play area to release energy.

We keep a flea and parasite free hospital. See the forms section for more details regarding boarding requirements.

If your dog boards for 5 nights or greater, EXCLUDING HOLIDAYS, they will be given a courtesy bath prior to departure. If their stay is for less a noncomplimentary bath can be requested.

We also offer day boarding. We would give your pet attention and allow them to go outside while you are busy or at work. For a few special cases we will allow doggie interaction/playtime.

You are welcome to call and check on your pet at any point during their stay. If they become ill or there is an emergency we will attempt to contact you and treat them appropriately.

The facility is super clean. The entire staff is friendly, punctual, empathetic, competent, professional.....what else can I say? We feel like family ! 10 stars out of 5 !!!