Providing a quiet stay for your cat.

Windows overlooking a beautiful scenic view.

We have our standard cages and we also offer a luxury condo. Our feline guests are housed with a scenic view to watch the birds & the outdoors. They will be cared for at least twice daily. You are encouraged to bring their regular diet so they will feel the most at home. We just require that they are up to date with vaccines or we can give them here if that’s easiest. We provide blankets and food dishes, but you are more than welcome to bring treats and toys for them.  You are welcome to call and check on your pet at any point during their stay. If they become ill or there is an emergency we will attempt to contact you and treat them appropriately. We can’t wait to cuddle with your furry-felines!



You have been great! It was very scary moving and trying a new vet after we had been with our old vet for such a long time. Dr. Ewert is great! Our dogs have had so many health issues and she has really come up with ideas and different care. We are very happy with Community Animal Hospital!